The Asia Future Enterprise Forum 2015 : AFEF 2015)
Theme Social Enterprise, The Future of Korea's Economic Growth
Date April 22, 2015 08:30 ~ 15:00
Place Grand Hall (B1), Korea Federation of SMEs MAP>
Program Opening / Session1/ Session2 / Luncheon & Networking / Session3/ Closing
Host Asia Business Daily, Asia Business TV
Partner Ministry of Strategy and Finance (MOSF), Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP),
Ministry of Employment and Labor (MOEL), The Federation of Korean Industries (FKI),
The Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI),
Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency (KoSEA)


Time Program
08:30 ~ 09:00
09:00 ~ 09:30
[Opening Remarks]
- Lee Se-Jung CEO, The Asia Business Daily
[Welcome Address]
- KIM Yeong-Ju Chairman of the Environment and Labor Committee
- LEE Ki-Kweon Minister of Employment and Labor
09:30 ~ 10:00
[Keynote Address]
- Francis Ngai Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Social Ventures Hong Kong

Session 1. The Role of social enterprise in job creation: Growth and Job Creation

[Presenter] - Kenny Low Founder, City College & O School
[Panel Discussion]
[Moderator] - LEE Byung-Tae Professor of College of Business, KAIST and CEO of KAIST Venture Investment Holdings
- KIM Jong-Gak Director of Marketing & Consulting Support Headquarter, Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency
- LEE Seong-Ryong Director, Social Enterprise Division, Ministry of Employment and Labor
- Kenny Low Founder, City College & O School
- LEE Eun-Ae President, Seoul Social Economy Center
11:10 ~ 11:20 Break

Session 2. Qualitative Development of Social Enterprises: Partnership Activation

11:20 ~ 11:40
- CHAE Soo-Kyoung President, REBLANK
11:40 ~ 12:00
- CHOI Yu-Kang CEO & Founder, Dream Touch For All
12:00 ~ 13:00 Luncheon & Networking
13:00 ~ 13:30
[Special Address]
- JUN You-Sung CEO of Comedymarket , Comedian

Session 3. Impact investment: How to scale Social Enterprise for Sustainable Growth

13:30 ~ 15:00
[Panel Discussion]
- LEE Chong-Soo Chairman & CEO, Korea Social Investment Foundation
Topic Presentation :
- KIM Jeong-Tae CEO & President, Merry Year Social Company
- DO Hyun-Myung CEO, Impact Square

- KIM Yong-Kab Managing Director, Social Enterprise, The Happiness Foundation of SK Group
- HWANG Jin-Sol CEO, The Bridge
- Kenny Low Founder, City College & O School
15:10 ~ Closing


Keynote Address

Francis Ngai
Francis Ngai (Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Social Ventures Hong Kong)
Francis Ngai is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVhk), Hong Kong’s first venture philanthropic organization dedicated to support and nurture social innovation in Hong Kong.

Since its establishment in 2007, SVhk has incubated over 20 portfolio ventures, among which, Francis co-founded Green Monday (an environmental and health initiative), Playtao Education (afterschool education for grassroots students) and CookConnect (food knowledge and resources platform). Other successful portfolio ventures include Diamond Cab (Hong Kong’s first barrier-free taxi services), Light Be (Hong Kong’s first affordable housing for underprivileged families), RunOurCity (community engagement through running) and etc.

Through incubation and investments into these portfolio ventures, SVhk has developed close partnerships with many global corporations, such as Credit Suisse, CVC Capital Partners, McKinsey & Company, Global Payment and etc.

Francis is a Board Member of the Asia Venture Philanthropy Network, a regional network with over 160 venture philanthropic member organizations. He is also a column writer and a part-time visiting lecturer at universities in Hong Kong.

Francis regularly participates in regional and global events as a speaker on social entrepreneurship and social innovation, including events organized by Rockefeller Foundation, TEDx, UBS, USAID and Harvard University and etc.

Prior to establishing SVhk, Francis was the Head of Strategy in a listed technology conglomerate in Hong Kong. Francis obtained a bachelor degree from the City University of Hong Kong and was awarded Honorary Fellow in 2013. He was selected as one of the 100 Asian Pioneers by the Purpose Economy in 2014, a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum in 2012 and Ten Outstanding Young Persons Hong Kong in 2011. As an ultra-running veteran, he finished North Pole Marathon 2013 and an ultra-marathon challenge of 250km race in the Gobi Desert in 2012.

Session1 The Role of social enterprise in job creation: Growth and Job Creation

Kenny Low
Kenny Low (Founder, City College & O School)
KENNY LOW graduated with a Business degree from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore. In 2008, he earned his Masters in Education Management from Monash University.

In 2002, Kenny founded City College (f.k.a. City Harvest Education Centre) to provide alternative education for youths who needed a second chance to complete their secondary education. In 2006, he founded O School, a dance school, to provide employment for youths, generate bursaries for City College and to celebrate youth talents.

To-date, City College had helped more than 1,000 youths qualify for tertiary education and O School had also become the leading street dance school in Singapore, with a membership base of more than 15,000.

In 2007, Kenny was presented with the SIP-Schwab Foundation’s Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award.
LEE Byung-Tae
LEE Byung-Tae (Professor of College of Business, KAIST and CEO of KAIST Venture Investment Holdings)
Byungtae Lee is a professor of College of Business, KAIST and CEO of KAIST Venture Investment Holdings. He is also managing three research centers at KAIST; SK Center for Social Entrepreneurship, Research Center for Corporate Social Responsibility and Research Center for Digital Economy and Innovation. Professor Lee had held many administrative positions at KAIST College of Business such as Dean (2011-2013), Associate Dean of Academic Programs (2009-2011), Dean of Graduate School of Management (2009-2011), and Ph.D. Director (2008-2010) and Ph.D. Director (2008-2011). He also taught at The University of Illinois at Chicago and The University of Arizona as a faculty member of their business schools. He received his Ph.D. in Business Administration (major in MIS, Minor in Economics) from The University of Texas at Austin. His research topics include Economics of IS, IT productivity measurement, strategic IT investments, Electronic Commerce, Electronic Auction markets, IT applications for health industry, Economic Analysis of Digital Content Business, and Analysis on Virtual Economy. His research papers have appeared in several MIS and Economics journals such as MIS Quarterly, Information Systems Research, Journal of MIS, Journal of Productivity Analysis, etc. He has served as an associate editor for some academic journals such as Information Systems Research, The e-Service Journal, and Electronic Commerce Research and Application. He also served on organization committees of many international IS conferences such as ICIS, ICEC, PACIS and so on.

For the advancement of business education, he is contributing to many organizations of Business Schools. He is the former president Association of Korea Business Schools and AAPBS. He served as the co-chair of Asian Affinity Group of AACSB and has participated in global business school accreditation bodies such AACSB and EQUIS peer review and for the Asia Pacific Deans Leadership Institute of AACSB.

He frequently contributes to news media in Korea with his columns on business and economy or as guests on TV and radio programs.

Prior to his academic profession, he had held top managerial positions in manufacturing sector as CIO and General Manager for New Business Development. He has extensively provided consulting services to executives of global companies. He also has been serving on several government committees of Korea.
KIM Jong-Gak
KIM Jong-Gak (Director of Marketing & Consulting Support Headquarter, Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency)
  • [Professional Experience]
  • The Director of Marketing and Consulting Support Headquarter, Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency (2011.10)
  • Executive Officer, Bureau of Employment and Labor, Office of the President (2011.02)
  • Director, Korea Human Rights Forum of Persons with Disabilities (2010.03)
  • Director, Korea Industrial Relations Association (2006.07)
  • Head of Overseas Investigation & Planning Department, Korea International Labour Foundation (2002.07)
  • Policy Director of Policy Department, Federation of Korean Trade Unions(1999.10)
  • Vice Chairperson, Association for Industrial Relations of the 21st century(1999.03)
LEE Eun-Ae
LEE Eun-Ae (President, Seoul Social Economy Center)
  • [Education & Professional Experience]
  • Eunae LEE is a President of Seoul Social Economy Center. She graduated from Ewha Woman’s University majoring in Social Welfare Studies both as BA and MA. She is now studying for PhD at graduate school of business administration at the same university. She had spent ten years establishing and managing ‘Mixed Stakeholder’s Day Care Cooperative.‘ At the same time, she was promoting for amendment of ’Child Welfare Act’ and enactment of ‘Infant Care Act’ under the mission called ‘Giving Right to Work to the Women, Right to Receive Protective Education.’ Confronted with the 1997 Asian financial crisis, she concentrated herself on ‘Creating Alternative Works for the jobless and Women withoug Family through Social Economy.’ thus pioneering in establishment of ‘Social Enterprise Finance’, ‘Social Enterprise Business School’ and ‘Conglomerate’s CSR and Partnership’ at Work Together Foundation which is the main backup institution in Korea. In 2010, she established SEED:S corporation, encourating the youth to become the main agents of local social innovation through social economy. She also participated in the works of Presidential Committee on Social Inclusion as an expert adviser and in TFT of Social Enterprise Promotion Act pushing forward with policy suggestions. Since the beginning of the year 2013, she has been in charge of the role of supporting inclusively the social economy institutions and policies of Seoul.
CHOI Yu-Kang
CHOI Yu-Kang (CEO & Founder, Dream Touch For All)
Dr. Yukang Choi is the founder and CEO of Dream Touch for All, Korea’s reputed education nonprofit organization. He confidently shares the reason for the organization’s existence - to provide a better educational opportunity for underprivileged students and nurture its volunteer corps to become the next generation’s leaders. Upon selecting the most disadvantaged schools in Korea, Dream Touch for All (DTFA) trains and sends its volunteers to the designated schools to provide after-school programs everyday (3-5 hours) during the week. In 2014, students participating in DTFA’s after-school program at Sekyung High School (Paju) saw an astonishing increase in math scores, dramatically raising their national percentile ranking by over 20%. Not only does the DTFA corps recruit bright students from the nation’s top universities, but also enlists the cooperation of a talented pool from all over the world, including Harvard University, Oxford University, Columbia University, Tsinghua University, University of Chicago, and Cornell University, to name a few, to partake in volunteer and internship opportunities. In 2014, DTFA received the highest award in the nonprofit category at the 6th Ministry of Education After-School Program Awards and the 3rd Annual Donations for Education Awards. For more details about the organization: www.dreamtouchforall.org
  • [Books (Translated)]
  • One Day All Children by Wendy Kopp
  • A Chance to Make History by Wendy Kopp
  • Work Hard Be Nice by Jay Mathews
CHAE Soo-Kyoung
CHAE Soo-Kyoung (President, REBLANK)
  • [Professional Experience]
  • President, REBLANK (2008.3 ~ )
  • - Founded a recycling design company ‘REBLANK’ as a proprietary one in 2008, and incorporated in 2009. (http://www.reblank.com)
  • - As a president and a senior designer, led 10+ members and launched recycling goods especially bags, stationeries, and various things for living.
  • - Reaching out mass market with fashion products throughout the retailing shops in Korea.
  • - Expanded the potential market for recycled goods through participating various fashion shows and exhibitions including Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2010, and Seoul Design Olympiad
  • - REBLANK was selected as a qualified social enterprise by Korean government in January, 2010 (Certified as the 55th Social Enterprise in 2009)
  • - REBLANK was selected as a finalist of Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards 2010 for REBLANK business.
  • Senior designer, Beautiful Store (2006.5 ~ 2008.2)
  • - As a senior designer, designed recycled fashion goods for ‘Beautiful Store’, which is the representative non-profit-organization helping people to share things in Korea.
  • - Launched a recycling fashion brand ‘Eco-Party Mearry’ in January, 2007 and produced clothes, accessories, and stationeries using the wasted materials. As the first recycling fashion brand in Korea, Eco-Party Meary has contributed to build the social awareness about recycle design, and changed the social recognitions toward recycling.
  • Coordinator, Haja Center (2003.3 ~ 2005.2)
  • - Organized and run youth development programs in Haja Center, which is one of the largest non-profit organizations for the marginalized teenagers in Korea. (http://2008.haja.net/en/)
  • - As a coordinator, took care of youth and taught them with art programs.
  • Designer for several design agencies
  • - Designed products and graphics working for design agencies
  • 1919Design (2005.3 ~ 2006), Design Rush (2001 ~ 2003.2)
LEE Chong-Soo
LEE Chong-Soo (Chairman & CEO, Korea Social Investment Foundation)
  • [Professional Experience]
  • 2013 - Present Chairman & CEO, Korea Social Investment Foundation
  • 2002 - 2012 CEO, Social Solidarity Bank
  • 2000 - 2010 CFO & President, Aon Korea Inc.
  • 1997 - 2000 Chief Consultant, KEPCO (Business Consulting firm for Bank and Finance Companies and Venture Enterprises)
  • 1997 - Chief Consultant, Ministry of Labor Indonesian Government (Performed a Project "Empowerment of rural job holders")
  • 1996 - 1997 President of Advanced Bank of Asia in Cambodia (Executed Rural Credit Project with ADB)
  • 1985 - 1997 Director, Westpac Banking Corporation (Seoul, Hongkong, Jakarta)
  • 1979 - 1985 Senior Manager, Chase Manhattan Bank(Seoul)
KIM Jeong-Tae
KIM Jeong-Tae (CEO & President, Merry Year Social Company)
  • [Professional Experience]
  • CEO & President, Merry Year Social Company
  • Executive Director, Social Enterprise Network
  • Special Vice President, Korea Venture Business Association
  • The Asia Foundation Development Fellow
  • Dell Social Innovation Fellow
  • Communications and Outreach Officer, UNPOG
DO Hyun-Myung
DO Hyun-Myung (CEO, Impact Square)
After pursuing careers in IT industry, Hyunmyung Do founded Impact Square, a think-tank of impact business area. As a CEO, he has been taking an active part in creating shared value (CSV) in Korea by partnering with FSG, the global top social impact consulting organization. He also established Korea Integrated Impact Analytics, the first and the only institute of social impact measurement in Korea and Impact Hub Seoul a Korea branch of global social innovators’ network.
KIM Yong-Kap
KIM Yong-Kap (Managing Director, Social Enterprise, The Happiness Foundation of SK Group)
  • [Professional Experience]
  • 2015 - Managing Director, Social Enterprise, The Happiness Foundation of SK Group
  • 2014 - Managing Director, Commerce Business, SK Planet
  • 2013 - Managing Director, ‘OK Cashbag’ Business, SK Planet
  • 2011 - 2013 Managing Director, Loyalty Management, SK Marketing & Company Business
  • 2010 - CEO, M & Service (subsidiary of SK)
  • 2008 - 2009 Managing Director, Partnership/Commerce Business, SK Marketing & Company
  • 2007 - 2008 Team leader, ‘OK Cashbag’ Strategy, SK Energy
  • 2001 - 2006 Team leader, Product Marketing, SK Energy
  • 2000 - 2001 Manager, ‘OK Cashbag’ Marketing, SK Energy
  • 1998 - 2000 Manager, Complex Network Business Promotion, SK Holdings
  • 1990 - 1998 Staff, SK Energy, New Technology Business Development
HWANG Jin-Sol (CEO, The Bridge)
  • [Professional Experience]
  • CEO, The Bridge(Global Social Enterprise), Seoul, Korea (February 2013 - Present)
  • Board member, ibridge(NGO), Seoul, Korea (August 2012 - March 2013)
  • Senior Consultant (Part leader), Eco-Frontier, Seoul, Korea (March 2011 - October 2013)
  • Consultant, CSR Group, Austin, Texas, USA (May 2010 - March 2011)
  • Intern, United Nations Development Program, Beijing, China (May 2009 - July 2009)
  • Policy Research Project Team Member, City of Austin and Solar Austin, Texas, USA (August 2008 - July 2009)
  • Staff, United Nations Global Compact, Seoul, Korea (February 2008 - July 2008)
  • Researcher, Korea Economic Research Institute, Seoul, Korea (June 2007 - Jan 2008)
  • Intern, Human Rights Association, Seoul, Korea (August 2005 - March 2006)
  • Human Resources Staff, active duty in the Army, 56th Division, Korea (November 2001 - March 2003)
  • [Award Career]
  • Development Cooperation Expert Asia Fellowship, The Asia Foundation (March 2014)
  • Asan Frontier Fellow, Asan Nanum Foundation (Impact Investing) (March 2015)


Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business, Grand hall (B1) , Yeouido
16-2, Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business, Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul,